At the Marquee Theater there are certain rules that all fans and visitors are asked to adhere to in order for everyone to have the best possible experience whilst visiting the venue. Please see below some of the most commonly asked questions about the rules at the Marquee Theatre.


Smoking of any type is not allowed inside the venue. However, there is a smoking patio which can be found adjacent to the lobby area where cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, vapor pipes, and cigars are all allowed to be smoked. 


If you are looking to purchase any type of alcohol whilst visiting the Marquee Theatre, you must ensure that you have a valid ID to present when at the bar.


Banners and signage is allowed in the venue, so long as it does not hinder any views of any of the other visitors. So long as the signage is small, you are likely to be allowed it inside the venue.


You are allowed to bring cameras. However, there are some exeptions dependant on band policies. Almost every band is okay with small digital cameras, but professsional grade photographers, video cameras, tablets and iPads are all forbidden.


The Marquee Theatre holds a strict no weapons policy, so any weapon of any type is strictly forbidden inside the venue. 

For rules and policies regarding tickets and guarantees please read out the Marquee Theatre Tickets page.