Spafford – DAY 2 at Marquee Theatre

Spafford - DAY 2 Tickets

Marquee Theatre | Tempe, Arizona

There's nothing like the first time you discovered one of your favorite artists. If Spafford – DAY 2 is one of your top ten favorite performers ever, then you owe it to yourself to get tickets when they descend upon Tempe, Arizona, at Spafford – DAY 2 in 2022. It's destined to be one of the memories that remains with you forever and there is no time like the present to take advantage of this event. Make your 2022 one for the ages by seeing this performance live and treating yourself! We make it possible and it’s just minutes away. Click the ‘get tickets’ button and your tickets are secure!

Spafford - DAY 2 at Marquee Theatre

You've been dancing at home to the latest album on repeat and searching them on social media… but you want more?! With the mind blowing feeling of connecting with them and the energy of the audience around you, there's nothing better than seeing your favorite artists live in concert. Every Spafford – DAY 2 fan is going to be crazy with excitement as the Marquee Theatre opens it's doors to them on Saturday 31st December 2022! The Marquee Theatre and their well known concert hall is the premier location for concert events in Tempe. Fans from all over Arizona flock to the venue to catch the biggest and best musicians and singers. Every minute inside the Marquee Theatre brings an forgettable amount of excitement running up to,during and after a concert. With Spafford – DAY 2 on their stage, this will be that Instagram moment that you have been waiting to share to make the world jealous! This is a golden chance you just can't miss!

Spafford - DAY 2 at Marquee Theatre

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