Palaye Royale at Marquee Theatre

Palaye Royale Tickets

Marquee Theatre | Tempe, Arizona

Are you sitting at home bored out of your mind? Then you need some adrenaline pumping action only a top tier heavy metal act can bring! This fall, Palaye Royale is bringing their 2022 tour to Tempe, Arizona! The highly-regarded metal act takes over the Marquee Theatre on Tuesday 13th September 2022! This coveted show is part of Palaye Royale’s extensive U.S. tour to promote the release of the latest studio effort. The record spawned iconic hits that took the airwaves by storm and now you can witness these songs performed live! We must warn you that Palaye Royale’s shows are not to be taken lightly because this monumental act is notorious for inducing gigantic mosh pits and other types of rampage. This is your chance to take part in the headbang-worthy, adrenaline-rushing mischief! So get ready, score your tickets immediately and check out Palaye Royale at the Marquee Theatre on Tuesday 13th September 2022!

When you always go to watch live music, but you're also a huge pop fan, there is an ideal night out there just waiting for you! Down at the best venue in town….the stunning Marquee Theatre Arizona, Tempe on Tuesday 13th September 2022…..the hugest pop acts on the scene…Palaye Royale's wild fall, 2022 tour of the US! Every pop fan needs to attend, it will be a Tuesday evening that will be filled with insane energy from a packed stadium….and YOU could be there this September! Marquee Theatre is really an exceptional spot, especially for pop concerts like Palaye Royale….you should expect an abundance of conveniences within the arena, great food, a welcoming service and most of all its a spot on location for continuing your evening down town! The area is abundant with cracking places to eat and drink….your night is already set to be awesome on Tuesday 13th September 2022 thats for sure! FOR TICKETS just click the 'GET TICKETS' link, or you might miss your chance!

Palaye Royale at Marquee Theatre

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