Hiatus Kaiyote at Marquee Theatre

Hiatus Kaiyote Tickets

Marquee Theatre | Tempe, Arizona

The intense emotions of listening to R&B songs can be both pain and joy, some call it the best genre of all. There are so many incredible soul / R&B acts but many cannot match the excellent and likely the premier Hiatus Kaiyote….don't present you don't know every hit word for word, right? Well, Hiatus Kaiyote will amazingly be coming to Arizona, Tempe on the fall, 2022 US tour! We cannot wait another moment! The Sunday evening in September will be at the excellent Marquee Theatre, Arizona, Tempe. You would be sensible to book your access to the concert today right away so you don't miss your chance on Sunday 4th September 2022, this is going to be so big. PRESS THE LINK TO GET OURS TODAY!

In need of a soulful evening this fall, 2022? Guess what…Hiatus Kaiyote is excellent – you'll be aware of those insatiable tracks….there will be a dance train of a concert coming to Arizona, Tempe on Sunday 4th September 2022 and TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE NOW! In no time your feet will be tapping as soon as you press play so can you think of actually being there at a live performance of r&b acts? Really getting down to some live played music and strings, in-front of your eyes! Hiatus Kaiyote is the best and has some real juicy tunes to get suck into on this blissful Sunday evening in September! Do you know your favourite song? We just know you've danced like crazy to every single one…otherwise what is R&B when the dance element is missing! Held at Marquee Theatre, Arizona, Tempe on Sunday 4th September 2022….WILL YOU BE THERE? Sure you are! Book your Hiatus Kaiyote tickets right away, simply follow the 'GET TICKETS' link floating just above!

Hiatus Kaiyote at Marquee Theatre

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